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All plastics don’t need to and aren’t able to decompose in the nature. Instead of throwing plastic products to the nature it is better to recycle all possible plastic waste into new plastics — or turn it into energy if recycling is not possible. Nevertheless, there are also certain types of plastics that cannot be collected away from the nature after use. It is important that these kinds of plastics decompose as well as possible and cause no harm to the environment. As a company our goal is to develop new solutions to these kinds of products that are better than the ones existing today. In this pursuit of better bioplastics we are guided by our values. We always want to be:


All bioplastics don’t decompose the way they should. “Bio-based” doesn’t always mean biodegradable. Our job is to bring this problem into light and offer real solutions.


We want to honour and protect the nature. The most important thing for the environment is to use the right materials in the right places. The most biodegrading product isn’t always the most environmentally friendly. We want to renew the thinking around bioplastics and guide people and institutions to see eco-friendliness as a whole, not just as a label.


We insist that all our actions are fair and decent. We don’t want to cause trouble to other companies or people, but instead, help markets and businesses by creating new eco-friendly materials when they are needed.

Our history

Terra Composites was born when our Product Development Engineer Sakari Vyyryläinen was studying. He noticed that many bioplastics don’t actually decompose in the nature in the way consumers often understand it. This sparked the idea of a company that could renew bioplastics industry. The first product that the company started to renew was airsoft BBs due to Sakari’s background as a long-time airsoft player and entrepreneur. Terra Composites gathers the expertise in product development, manufacturing, productization and distribution into one community of specialists who share the mission of renewing bioplastics.

Our Team and Partners

Sakari Vyyryläinen

CEO, Product Development Engineer, Board Member

Risto Salminen

Senior Advisor, Board Member

Kasper Ojala

Marketing Specialist, Board Member

Hillevi Vyyryläinen

Content Specialist, Board Member

Otto Salminen

Board Member

Email addresses are firstname.lastname@terracomposites.com

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